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Leather Handbags Footwear Testing
2020/7/14 18:17:32

iTC is a specialist chemical testing laboratory of leather .  The management and operation of lab strictly conform to ISO/IEC17025.We can provide chemical testing for a whole range of products including footwear, bags, belts, jewellery, accessories etc. our test reports enjoy widely recognition with great credibility.

iTC is one of the fastest testing laboratories in Asia and can provide chemical testing results within 2-3 days working days.

The key chemical tests for restricted substances that could be found in leather are:

Total Lead testing 、Total cadmium testing 、Hexavalent chromium testing 、Heavy Metals testing(lead, cadmium, chromium, arsenic, antimony, mercury, barium, selenium) 、pH testing 、Formaldehyde content testing 、Organotin testing 、Chlorinated phenols testing 、Azo Dye testing 、Phthalates testing 、Others testing

Physics Testing
Colourfastness Test:Colorfastness crocking Dry/wet 、Colorfastness Perspiration 、Colorfastness saliva 、colorfastness Resistance water-soaked 、Bleach fastness 、Colorfastness Sea Water 、Colorfastness Light、Anti-yellowing
Strength Test & Function Test: Tensile strength and elongation 、Tear Strength 、Peel Strength 、Seam Strength 、Bursting Strength 、Abrasion Resistance、Water repellency 、Flex 、Aging、Corrosion
Fibre Content Analysis

Test Standards:

International Standards: ISO             European Union Standards: EN

ChinaStandards: GB and SN                       Japanese Standards: JIS

American Standards: AATCC, ASTM                   BritainStandards: BS

German Standards: DIN                                         Others Standards


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